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How do I configure the browsers for startup Empty How do I configure the browsers for startup

on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:45 pm
When I run seleniumRC tests I get two browser windows, one the actual test, and the other some kind of console with a little log window in the upper right. Both are always the same size and in the same position so I was wondering how to configure where and how big they are as well as possibly turning off or hiding that console window.

Also, they always come up with all kinds of extra tool bars which take up needless screen space and I was wondering how I could get those turned off. My normal Firefox windows do not show them as I have turned them off and it they remember that.

Finally, other testing tools support an "attach" mode where you can point a test at an existing browser, rather than having to wait so long for it to come up each time. Is anything like that available in Selenium?

Thanks for any advice,
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