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Importing file in selenium rc? Empty Importing file in selenium rc?

on Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:09 am

There are some of limitation of selenium tool which is not supported in current release and resaerch/development in going on it. One of them is file upload functionality.

The upload functionality is working fine in ide during recording and replay. But when you convert it into code And run throygh RC, it will not going to work. It will not put the file path in path field but in IDE it is working fine.

so, this will not gone a work . we have to find some work around or wait for next release in which upload
functionality will be fix.

Workaround: If you know java script well, you write some snippet to upload file and provide into storeEval/ getEval command of selenium. May be this will gone a work.

Best Of luck.

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