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New user extenstion for browser related testing.

on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:17 pm
Hi Guys,

Good news for you. i have developed one user extenstion for browser related function which is not possible to do with relgular selenium command. This user extension is developed to provide extra functionality to users of selenium. It contains both store and assert commands.

Note: This user extension is working fine in IDE but I have not tested in RC.

This user extension contains the following functions:

1. StoreBrowserName :

This function store browser name in which AUT testing is going. It will tell you the name of browser like Netscape or Microsoft browser. Provide the value in any Target/value options of IDE.

2. StoreBrowserVersion :

This function store browser version in which AUT testing is going. It will tell you the version of browser like "en-Us 2.0". Provide the value in any Target/value options of IDE.

3. StorePlugInNumbers :

This function store plug in number installed in your browser. It will tell you all the plugins numbers which is also hidden like "16". Provide the variable in 'value' options of IDE.

4. StorePlugInInstalledText :

This function will provide you a plug in text on the basis of index value you are providing in 'target' option of IDE. Suppose you have installed selenium IDE in 3 position and you want to get text so just enter 3 and give variable name in which you want to store text.

5. StoreBrowserCodeName :

This function is similar to storebrowserName but it give you a code name of browser like name = "Netscape" code = "Mozilla". so you get Mozilla as a result in this function.

6. StoreBrowserLanguage :

This function store browser current language selected in your browser like "en-US". This function is useful for different language testing.

7. StoreBrowserPlatformInfo :

This function store current platform on which your browser is running like "Win32". this is useful where you are testing your application on different platforms.

8. StoreBrowserScreenResolution :

This function store current screen resolution of your window/application like "1152,864". This function is useful for different resolutions testing.

Check out all this stuff at following link : file/5tunwzzzzuy/Browser_userExtension.rar

Enjoy it guys

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testing with SeleniumRC

on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:35 pm

thank you for this awesome functions.

I am doing an internship in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and I'm testing a webpage with SeleniumRC 1.01. I'm writing my tests in C#.

Your UserExtension works fine with SeleniumRC. To use your Extensions with SeleniumRC, you have to comment out the Selenium.prototype.reste -Function. With it, the server could not load the full page and hooks up.

When I use Firefox as browser, your getBrowserName-Function returns to me, Netscape is the actual browser... thats a little bit tricky. Could you change this in returning Firefox instead of Netscape? Thank you.

Greetings from Germany.

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