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[TestNG] [ERROR]  Cannot find class in classpath: Project class name Empty [TestNG] [ERROR] Cannot find class in classpath: Project class name

on Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:42 pm
When I am running my testing from terminal window on Mac I m facing this issue ?
Even I set class path 
QaTeams-iMac:CleanLine qateam$ export CLASSPATH=/Users/qateam/Documents/workspace/CleanLine/bin;
QaTeams-iMac:CleanLine qateam$ export CLASSPATH=/Users/qateam/Documents/workspace/CleanLine/lib/*;
QaTeams-iMac:CleanLine qateam$ java org.testng.TestNG tesng.xml
after execute I found this error
[TestNG] [ERROR]  Cannot find class in classpath: CleanLineUser
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