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Selenium IDE alternatives for Firefox & Chrome Empty Selenium IDE alternatives for Firefox & Chrome

Fri May 11, 2018 11:42 am
It was a bad news for the tester community since Selenium IDE no longer works from Firefox 55 onwards. Selenium IDE is one of the most widely used automated testing tools ever, this stop, therefore, raises a high demand in looking for other Selenium IDE alternatives.

Selenium IDE alternatives, or Selenium IDE replacements, refer to automation testing tools that can be considered a viable alternative, the automated testing tool must be comparable to Selenium IDE in terms of features, the ease of installation and setup, learning curve, and costs.

Selenium IDE alternatives for Firefox & Chrome 1_JidOCWgcbQtICstuEJ3wAw
Below are some potential successors of Selenium IDE.

3.1. Robot Framework:

– Test cases are generated using keyword testing methodology written in a tabular format.
– It also contains Robot Integrated Development Environment (RIDE), which helps write test cases easily by offering framework specific code completion, syntax highlighting, so on.

– The complex installation, the lack of standalone test recorder tool, and a keyword-driven language with a low level of descriptiveness.

3.2. Protractor:

– Simple installation and updating. Within 1-2 command, both testing framework and Selenium WebDriver will be installed nicely.
– The use of JavaScript, one of the easiest-to-use programming languages to learn, especially for those to have limited programming background.

– Protractor is too flexible but also unprepared. It requires experienced developers to get involved before the team can start on it: set up the project and the proper reporting plugin, and write Page Object scaffold.
– The Protractor team may mess with sync/async stuffs.

3.3. Katalon Studio

– Installation experience: users just need to unzip the package and they are ready to start. No programming language runtime. No extra components or plugins required.
– The scripting interface allows users to switch between a keyword-base table and a code editor. This is extremely useful for those who want to learn to write Selenium test case on their own.
– Unlike Selenium IDE, the recording capability of Katalon Studio is powerful on major web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
– Katalon Studio can be considered a viable Selenium IDE alternatives since it provides other convenient functions (reporting and integration) which are competitive to paid solutions (UFT, TestComplete).

– While web and mobile testing are very comprehensive, some users may want to see more build-out in API testing module.

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Selenium IDE alternatives for Firefox & Chrome Empty Re: Selenium IDE alternatives for Firefox & Chrome

Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:19 pm
There is a [url=]BlazeMeter Chrome Extension[/url] which is capable of recording browser activity and creating Selenium and JMeter tests from it so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and have UI and performance test created. You can replay the recorded tests using Taurus - free and open source wrapper automation framework with main focus on simplisity
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