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How to use runScript() in Selenium RC? Empty How to use runScript() in Selenium RC?

on Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:41 pm

For executing the javascript snippet in selenium rc is simple by the use of single command:

storeEval ( script, variableName )

Gets the result of evaluating the specified JavaScript snippet. The snippet may have multiple lines, but only the result of the last line will be returned.

Note that, by default, the snippet will run in the context of the "selenium" object itself, so this will refer to the Selenium object, and window will refer to the top-level runner test window, not the window of your application.

If you need a reference to the window of your application, you can refer to this.browserbot.getCurrentWindow() and if you need to use a locator to refer to a single element in your application page, you can use"foo") where "foo" is your locator.


* script - the JavaScript snippet to run
* variableName - the name of a variable in which the result is to be stored.

the results of evaluating the snippet

Example of it:

selenium.getEval(javascript{alert('Thanks... I feel much better now!');}); // for rc

runScript | javascript{alert('Thanks... I feel much better now!');} // for IDE

You can use any code of javscript which has no error and suceesfuly complied. Make sure of this, otherwise snippet will give error.

I hope this will help you. Best Of Luck.

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