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Installation Empty Installation

on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:57 pm
Hi All,

Please help me in understanding the below steps:
1.Select a FlashBuilder (or FlexBuilder) project for which you want to enable FlexMonkium recording and playback.
2.Copy automation_monkey.swc to your project's libs folder. Use the swc that corresponds to your Flex version, for example, use automation_monkey.4.x if you're using a Flex 4.x SDK.
3.Open the Project > Properties window in FlashBuilder
4.Add libs/automation_monkey.swc to your Flex Build Path
5.On the Flex Compiler panel, add the following Additional Compiler Arguments:
-includes-libraries libs/automation_monkey.swc
6.Be sure to use the name of the automation_monkey.swc that corresponds to your Flex SDK version. If for example you were using Flex 4.1, you would specify
-include-libraries libs/automation_monkey.4.x.swc

The above steps are to install flex monkium.

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